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Nice to meet you again, motorists

Nice to meet you again, motorists! We came back after a short holiday occasioned by the Easter holidays and restarted work with same passion and dedication. Just for the beginning a BMW kept our attention, which has as claimed defect, a certain “weird sound inside the engine.” We went ahead, we diagnosed professionally and decided together with the client, to change the timing belt kit . Timing belt which, being on chain actually, requires relatively high execution costs, unbearable, even for a person with an English wage. So, reaching a middle way, we managed to reconcile our client and started major work (which does not only mean changing the chain) to a bearable price, customer satisfactory and his possibilities. He will provide our Facebook page with feedback depending on how satisfied he will be. So stay tuned, to find out how this intervention worked out. Thank you guys for keeping us up and plugged in, so we can maintain our services next to your requirements and standards.
Thank you, because we can see that more and more of yourselves are choosing with confidence our high-standard services!
Unit 6B, Weir Mill, Chestergate

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